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Education and Me, Pt. 3

  I turned to scouting the various rooms, halls and corners of the school for an undisturbed place, and soon even acquired a pretty good mental timetable of which classrooms would be free at which times. However I found the … Continue reading

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Education and Me. pt 2

By the time GCSE years arrived, I’d calmed down quite substantially though, and by the time A levels arrived I was just bored. It was this latter emotion that actually lead to my most unruly years. We started to wear … Continue reading

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Education and Me, pt. 1

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I was twelve when I got my first detention, and I remember the moment vividly. I had rolled up a piece of scrap paper and threw it across the room into the bin. Mr. Cooper had then swung round, apparently … Continue reading

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A Brief Observation on The Family I Work With

Another morning bares another lesson. Another two hours in which I am often left on the verge of despair wondering how I can help this girl. The mother comes down enquiring about some books, some codes for a website, some … Continue reading

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Rehabilitation in Puglia

Another post, living evidence that this blog is back for all those who were beyond disbelief.¬†For all those who woke up this morning and frantically checked their inbox again, scouring for the last post, perhaps already resigned to believing visions … Continue reading

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