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Fuck It

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Yea it’s 7:44 in the am and I am marginally drunk. Marginally drunk, and more so depressed. Why? Probably from persistent alcohol abuse. Probably from the strange hours I live by. Maybe because I leave Japan soon and it’s hard … Continue reading

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Karl Smithson was not a very firm boss, And his staff walked all over him as if he were a doormat, Particularly Steve.

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Big Nose

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I walk up to three Japanese girls and say ‘Kanpai’. They turn in surprise and laugh, before we all clink glasses and take a shlurp from our drinks.┬áThe girl immediately to my left then looks at me and goes ‘hana … Continue reading

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On The Road

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I think the bit where you run out of money is actually my favourite part of travelling. You sudden have an objective again; just get by. The whole time you are broke you are praying for that bit of cash … Continue reading

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Is Travelling and Doing New Shit That Great?

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For all y’all who think this is about to be some despairing post questioning the validity of the travelling lifestyle versus the comforts of a life at home with all those you love, you’re off point I’m afraid. Kind of. … Continue reading

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