I might not be the fastest language learner in the world, but I’m yet to meet anyone going at my pace. This isn’t because I’m smarter than everyone else, but more because I have the right mentality, and I am going about it in a good way. And because I’m smarter.

There’s not much secret to learning a language, and in fact it’s quite a simple process in effect, though it will seem much more complicated as you go through the long journey that is fluency-acquisition. Here are all my tips and posts so far on language learning that you can come to in your darkest moments of doubt and self-pity:

1. How to learn a language with just your smartphone
2. The story of Samuele McItaliano and Giovanni di Grammarbook
3. 5 big tips to obtain badboy communication skills in a foreign language
4. Failure = Success
5. Why it’s easier to learn a third language than a second, and why it’s not the for the reason you think
6. Japan in Milan

While additionally you can see a video of my ability to speak Italian after 3/4 months on this page here, where you will also find my documentaries on Japan in which you catch me speaking a little Japanese too.

Best of luck!

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