Casarecce ai Broccoli (Pasta with Broccoli recipe)


New Direction

Though the last post on this blog may have been incidental, it’s timing was not coincidental. A return to this territory had been long in the making, though rather than force it’s hand, I simply awaited the moment in which I naturally found myself back here behind the letter generator. Whether it took a half bottle of whiskey and a rant about self-righteous travelling girls to do it, remains inconsequential. Today I unveil the true form of my return and its new direction. Or perhaps even renewed direction. It’s back to basics, what maybe this whole shebang was even all about once upon a time, we’re going to be talking cooking. Yes, I am cooking at least 5 new dishes a week at the moment in my swag new apartment, and it’s time to share the knowledge I’m accruing. It’s a real TV kitchen I’ve got myself here and I feel like Jamie Oliver (only minus the camera crew)(and more handsome) as I prepare myself meal after meal.

And with the new direction stated, let’s get onto the meat (/broccoli) of the matter:

Casarecce ai Broccoli

Firstly, yes I did take that photo myself, and of the pasta I made. It’s pretty good no? You can thank my samsung s4 for that (when this blog hits the big time I’ll be asking for endorsement money for that statement).

I am on a quest at the moment to start only utilising freshly sourced and organic produce that is currently in season. After a long talk with my local organic produce shoppee, I have come to realise that practically the only thing really in season right now is Broccoli, and above I have done my best to utilise it to it’s maximum potential. This pasta is simple, cheap and attractive. Just like my ex girlfriend, weeeey oooh. Just kidding, I never had an ex girlfriend.

Anyway, the recipe (serves 4):

Advised pasta: Casarecce (they sort of mimic the shape of the broccoli), spaghetti, penne
1 1/2 heads of Broccoli (head part only, cut into thin strips)
2 Red chilli peppers
6 big cloves of garlic
Pinch of vegetable stock powder
Parmesan cheese
Olive oil

I love pasta meals that can be prepared within the time that it even takes to cook the pasta, and this is another one to add to the list. So start boiling a large pan full of water for the pasta, and a smaller pan full of water for the broccoli. In the meantime prepare the Broccoli, peel the skin off the garlic (leave them in whole pieces), and chop the chilli finely.

When the water is boiling add the broccoli and the pasta into their separate pans. After 5/6 minutes strain the broccoli, keeping a third of a cup of the cooking water, which you should then add a good pinch of vegetable stock into.

Immediately start heating up a big ol’ dollop of olive oil (enough to happily cover the bottom of the pan) on medium/high heat in a large frying pan. Chuck the garlic cloves in, then as soon as they have started to brown slightly, add the chilli, and cook for up to a minute before chucking in the broccoli with the stock water.

Keep it cooking, and just before the pasta is ready, extract the garlic cloves from the pan. Then drain the pasta and chuck it into the frying pan immediately, turn off the flame, and toss well. Add a good sprinkling of parmesan cheese and pepper, and toss again, and serve nice and hot.

This primo piatto has a really fresh and simple taste, and I hope at least one has the balls to decide to go replicate this and enjoy it.

Buon appetito muthatrukkas.

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