The blog is back. Those words alone should be enough to stir a man from ‘pon his pc-side seat and fling him into a pandemonium of joy so chaotic that it’s whirling tyranny  is only surpassed by the desperate cyclonistic twirls of depression, despair and defaithing in everything that no doubt every reader of this fine blog came to experience as the updates ceased to appear in the inboxes. But appear they do again, praise Samuel, praise his wisdom, praise him and his wisdom for returning, they doth all chant.

Maybe those last sentences make sense, maybe they don’t, what’s it to ya? I’m back. I’m just happy to be writing again. Words have filled up in explosive mounds at the edges of my fingertips and like beheading a hydra, each explosive meeting with a key only begs another two mounds to grow and explode again. BAM. BOOM. SMASH. YESSSSS! Words are exploding all over your stupid reading face.

But why am I back? Why was I gone? Perhaps the latter is the better question. Well guys I thought I knew it all. I had an idea, I had a dream. I thought of all the events of this last year, the starting of this blog, the travels, the work, the making of the videos… I suddenly saw how they could all fit together naturally into a master plan to make me rich and successful, I decided how all these things of this year had thus served their purpose, and I deserted them like used lovers. Or perhaps even more cruelly, as the used lover often at least gets a goodbye, where as this blog, so close to my heart for so long, got thrown neglectedly into nothingness, while comparatively similarly its only vague continuation was carried through the passing questions of old friends, oh what happened to that blog that you were writin by the way? …Ah Im not writin her much anymore. AH ok. They said.

But you, you blog, you were more special to me than the Traceys and the Janes. You deserved so much more. Sweet blog, this hand that once caressed you with warm palms, this hand that then neglected you with its cold back, how can we learn to trust each other again. I can only promise that it wil be different for now, yet could still never dare promise any solid future.

But the excitement of our reuniting has distracted me from whatever it was I initially wanted to say. But I don’t care. I’ll say it all another time. Now I am just happy that I am back with you, you who is my blog, you, who are my readers, you, who is me.

About Sam

Hi I'm Sam and I write here exclusively at Samuel's Travels. Exclusively as by and large no-one wants me writing anywhere else. Please enjoy yourself while reading.
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