I’m in Milan, Italy


I suppose a key point that I sometimes overlook of a travel blog is that it’s supposed to keep people updated about where I am and what I’m doing. And given the amount of people (who I know read this blog) that have asked me ‘how’s Sri Lanka?’ this week, I can only now conclude that I fail pretty damn hard at addressing this point.

This then makes me wonder about the 1000s of words that I publish every week, and how vacuous they must be if by the end of them people still can’t discern where I am or what I’m doing. Though then again this blog was never about much else than self-indulgence, so it’s not so surprising.

But to stop myself before it happens again: I’ve been in Milan since Saturday morning. I’m living with my Italo Japanese family. I’m very happy here.

I was thinking of leaving the post there, as that update was the sole intention of this post, however I may as well add a quick (and shit) anecdote now since I’m a writin’ anyway:

A te

I walked into a shop yesterday and brought some shiz, and then the guy gave me my shiz and my change; a pretty much standard interaction no doubt up until then.

However the ol’ shoppee threw a spanner in the works afterwards when he then looked up at me and said… ‘a te’.

A te means to you, and you say it sometimes after someone says grazie to you. Sort of like hearing someone say thank you, and then replying no, thanks to you. 

So shoppee says ‘a te’ to me but I haven’t even said ‘grazie’, and this leaves me feeling awkward. He’d already rebuked, riposted and triumphed a thank you that I was yet to give, making him either a bit presumptuous, or just very polite and gentle. His smile and demeanour made me sway more towards attributing him with the latter qualities, and hence I was left thinking ‘well I’ll sound like an idiot if I say thank you now, though also how can I be so rude as to deny this most polite man the thanks he deserves for helping me with my shoppee business?’ So I just stared at him for a while, wondering what to say.

Hence with the least conviction anyone has ever said it, and my eyes still gazing confusedly into his, I then almost questioningly delivered my line; ‘…grazie?’.

‘A te’ the response came back quick as bullet. Damn I already knew that, I thought, and I left feeling like a mug.

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Hi I'm Sam and I write here exclusively at Samuel's Travels. Exclusively as by and large no-one wants me writing anywhere else. Please enjoy yourself while reading.
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