How this recent obsession with youth destroys us all


I think the Black Eyed Peas started this all when they made that song which goes ‘I got a feeling, that tonight is gonna be a good night, tonight (etc)’. I think that was the first song that addressed the idea of tonight and solely tonight. I feel that since then maybe half of our current pop songs addressed this idea of tonight. Then the other half addressed the idea of being young. Then inevitably the songs decided to start addressing both, incredibly uniting both concepts, and creating classics such as one direction’s ‘tonight let’s get some, and live while we’re young‘ and more simply that song which just goes ‘tooooonnniiighhhhhtttttttt, we arrrreee younnnggg’ which seems to be playing everywhere recently.

I was thinking of providing more evidence for the above claim that songs are only talking about tonight, but sitting in a bar listening to pop music over and over, I think it would be harder to find a song that doesn’t do it and so I don’t even know where to begin my list of evidence or where it would end and hence am not making one. So if you haven’t noticed, just go turn on your Radio and recognise.

So why tonight? Why young? I blame the internet. The internet and all its instant gratifications. You know this blog gets quite a few visitors these days, but only rarely do new people come and start backlogging through it. When they do I feel immensely proud. When people get even 10 minutes through my youtube video I get immensely proud. People’s time on the internet is precious. On the internet everything is available, you could be watching any film you like in 10 minutes, you could be learning about anything you wanted to know about right away, you have the most depraved and large library of pornography that ever existed right in front of you, so why waste time reading through some guy’s blog about nothing? We internet users are always aware of how much is available to us, that’s why we often don’t finish watching things on youtube, that’s why we skim read well written articles before going back to scanning Facebook for other things; we know there’s always something else out there beyond what we are doing. We are constantly flicking around looking for the next thing. That’s why people have to sing about tonight; to get our attention. Any further in the future and this youtube generation just can’t give a shit, it can wait.

But here’s the reality. Tonight sucks. Most days tonight involves doing fuck all. Then when you go out, if you are going to one of the places which actually plays that music, then you are in for just a load of downing spirits and chucking your hands around on some stinky, skank-filled dance floor, pointing your drunken fingers in the air and singing along whenever you hear the word tonight. Why is that so great? Why is that worth making 1 million songs about. There are so many other better things in life, and they don’t involve tonight and just being young.

Honestly I can’t emphasise that enough. Tonight is shit. Please stop making music about it. Stop making music about being young and enjoying tonight. It makes old people feel shit that they are not young, and it makes young people feel all this pressure about being young and hence having to be always living to the max. By always singing about tonight, you are making tonight a big deal, and in the process ruining it. Stop making the moment and my youth a big deal. Sure being young is better than being old, but given that life is a bitch, it still sucks lots sometimes and it’s not some constant party. You can’t turn it it into this constant stream of amazing nights and happiness. It’s like people who always told you to savour being at university because it’s the best time of your life. I knew so many people who were depressed at University. I think a lot of that comes as well from pressures of feeling like it should be incredible; it was supposed to be the best time of your life right? Now being young just generally is the thing. It’s the best time of your life, every second of your youth is valuable, spend it all wisely (tonight). It’s this idea that almost being consciously aware of your youth will make your youth seem longer, and one day you’ll be able to look back and think ‘good I savoured all that’. But fuck it, your time isn’t that valuable. Trust me. I’ve had only free time for like 6 years now, I’ve tried making the most of it recently and it’s hard. You can’t go out there and make every moment special. Better to spend your time working doing some productive but boring stuff so you can do cool things in the future (beyond tonight). Practice something with that time, like the guitar. Work hard and make some money so you can buy that thing or go on a cool holiday and savour that shit. Fuck tonight.

And fuck you black eyed peas.

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1 Response to How this recent obsession with youth destroys us all

  1. luke ingledew says:

    amen. fuck tonight!

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