Documentary pt.2 : Cultural Lessons with Yoshi

Watch the video.

OK, now some statistics:


The number on the left is the hours it took me to do something, and the right is how many people looked at that thing.

So let’s start with the first stat: the four is the average time it takes me to write a good, well thought out blog post, and on average each one gets about 100 reads or so. The forty is how many hours it took me to make the first video, and that has 345 views. The one is when I quickly wrote this article¬†and put up a picture of a pair of tits. Yeh that got 800 views pretty much straight off the bat.

If we do a quick ‘amount of views’ divided by ‘time taken to do something’ analysis, we get: 25, 8.625 (yeh did that in my head, whatever), and 800, respectively.

So as we can see the 4 hour ‘quality blog writing’ yields substantially higher results (in terms of efficiency, defined by the ‘time taken : views received’ ratio) than the video making process, by an order of 2.8985507 (yeh did that in my head too…), making it roughly three times more an efficient use of my time in capturing an audience than making videos.

However the article in which I published a picture of some tits completely overshadows everything, being 32 times a better use of my time than writing a quality blog post, and being roughly a HUNDRED times better a use of my time than making a video. A HUNDRED.

The data presented above surely lead to a conclusion that video making is a complete waste of my time, while trying to write anything decent is a worthy, though still respectively redundant cause, and it is in publishing pictures of tits, and only in pictures of tits, that the future of this blog should lie.

The logic would thus be to turn this blog into the tits blog, in which each day different pictures of tits are added, and the floor is then left open to the readers in which some comments can then be made upon them.

But call me noble or something… I just can’t bring myself to do it. In defiance of all things intuitive and logical, Samuel’s Travels will stand strong, keeping itself audience-less, but proud, audience-less, but never diverted in purpose, audience-less, but dedicated; dedicated to an ideal of quality thought and entertainment, an ideal as pure as a Japanese schoolgirl, as impeccable as the finest stainless steel, and as incorruptible as the main character in Gladiator.

Samuel’s Travels will persevere.

I hope you all like the new video. Again comments with feedback are really appreciated for next time.

Samuel out.

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4 Responses to Documentary pt.2 : Cultural Lessons with Yoshi

  1. luke ingledew says:

    A triumph as usual. More videos!

  2. Sam says:

    You might not long to see what is next, as I might be making a call soon for some funds for further filming. I think you should change your name from Julie Lynn-Evans just to ‘Mum’ as well. I’ll pass on your words to Yoshi.

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