Is Travelling and Doing New Shit That Great?


For all y’all who think this is about to be some despairing post questioning the validity of the travelling lifestyle versus the comforts of a life at home with all those you love, you’re off point I’m afraid. Kind of. Instead what you are about to read is some revolutionary shit.

Travelling is like the non materialistic approach to life, where as the daily grind of your usual city is the being a superficial beeyatch who has to bend over for the man everyday in exchange for chump-change kind of life. Yea right? No. Travelling is superficial. It’s the most superficial thing I’ve ever done, it’s full of superficial pleasures, and in reality I reckon it’s just about me walking around massaging my ego and misconstrued concepts of what life’s about.

I just was out with Yoshi’s family for dinner. And of course sitting at a table in the middle of  a Japanese city, with a Japanese family, speaking only Japanese, I felt a bit removed from my former life. In fact I probably got that feeling I was after when I set up this whole Japanese nonsense, and it felt great, writing inspiring even. Hence writing right now. I mean hey kid, this is what travelling is all about. man.

Or is it?(!) Yes. However the situation isn’t really perhaps as amazing as I feel it. It’s easy to add on all the glitz and glamour, and say, hey it’s Japan, I’m speaking Japanese, it’s Japanese food, I’m using chopsticks. But the reality is I’m just sitting with some people communicating much worse than I usually would be if I were in England, not really enjoying myself more than if I were with 3 of my best pals in London, and it’s not even Japanese food because we’re at a Chinese restaurant.

That’s why travelling is superficial. We smack on all these layers to a situation which is actually very normal. But now you say, ‘but no, it’s not normal! You’re in Japan, speaking Japanese, with some Japanese family you’ve managed to befriend and get to take you out to dinner in only a couple of weeks of being in a country you’re amazing’. Yeah alright, but now you’ve fallen into the trap of adding the layers. Strip it down to it’s base and I’m just sitting around asking a girl what she studies at university, telling people about how I cycled around Italy this summer, and asking about their plans and what they’re up to. Standard shiz really.

But the fact is we do make the layers, we do add them on, and for that they do exist. They are as real as the chopsticks I eat the gyoza with. I sit there and I go, ‘yeh this is frikkin great’, because it is. Because it’s new, even if at it’s core it is actually nothing new. It’s like coming home to your fat girlfriend to find that she’s all slim and in brand new lingerie; it’s essentially the same thing, but it’s been repackaged in a way that’s exciting and new to you.

And isn’t liking your girlfriend more because she’s slimmer and wearing sexier clothes a bit superficial? Yes. And that my friends is why travelling is superficial.

I rest my case.


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Hi I'm Sam and I write here exclusively at Samuel's Travels. Exclusively as by and large no-one wants me writing anywhere else. Please enjoy yourself while reading.
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6 Responses to Is Travelling and Doing New Shit That Great?

  1. Mike Mike Mike says:

    A ruddy good read Samwell. Go do some Karate, ain’t nuttin superficial about that.

  2. Richard Boyle says:

    I liked the pictures mainly

  3. Julia says:

    Hey. I agree with you pretty much. I hate the aspect of traveling that is just about doing something which will sound great when you’re telling people about it back home. The conclusion you came to though – that you’re just doing the same thing that you could be doing back home and that basically we’re all the same – is, without wanting to spout cliches, what’s great about traveling. It takes away some of that ‘Exoticism’ and otherness about other cultures and people which leads to ignorance and hate etc…

    • Sam says:

      Hey Julia, fantastic point made far more eloquently than I ever could. It may be what is great about travelling in the grand sense of things, though also, sometimes I just crave that completely weird 100% different shiz, and it’s disappointing when travelling can’t deliver…. as then what can?

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